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I am very grateful for all the assistance I received; without it, the DVD project would have been difficult or impossible. My mother Clara Rolland worked tirelessly for years after Paulís death to preserve his work and to make the films available in VHS format. Her loyalty and character remains an inspiration to me even after her death in 2007. My brother John Rolland, assisted by Ron Veeninga, had the foresight and vision to develop the improved PAL format videos that have been distributed overseas. My wife Gail has been a great help to me, giving encouragement, advice and practical assistance as needed. Marla Mutschler, who appears as one of the teachers in the films and who collaborated with Paul Rolland in the writing of the book, provided me with much needed advice and the perspective of four decades of teaching the Rolland method. Ron Veeninga has spent much time assisting me with the DVD project and even provided accommodations, hospitality, friendship, and transportation while the work was going on. I credit Jeroen Kosterman from CTL Video Group for his technical expertise, great patience in explaining the DVD process and helpful suggestions in the design of the DVD authoring.

Peter Rolland, Ph.D., Director, Rolland String Research Associates
July, 2008
Please direct inquiries to: peterrolland@paulrolland.net